Superheroes Academy

To all Superheroes, their mentors, captains, students, and helpers - we need you to run our Agency and Academy!


Citizen! Have you been wondering what to do with yourself since your recent exposure to deadly radioactive gamma rays? Do you struggle to find a costume that will fit your overgrown, mutated body without making your thighs look fat? Are you afraid that a pair of antennae that popped out on the top of your head could impair your ability to provide for your family?

If so, you just may be a perfect candidate to join our aspiring, young team of America’s most famous, most colorful group of super-adventurers! You will be professionally trained and prepared to face the unimaginable evils that can hide behind every corner! Fight for the safety and adoration of the good ol’ USA! Smile for cameras, hug babies, enjoy mornings with tasty cereal with your own face on them!

Superheroes Academy is a real-time strategy game that will let you take control of the world’s newest superhero agency, designated to fight crime, big and small. Recruit your own team of superheroes. Train and equip them. Send them to fight against the most vicious groups of supervillains… Or help a little girl take her kitty off the tree. Remember, no task is too small for a real superhero! Use the prestige and fame of your heroes to make blockbuster movies, sell new toys, t-shirts, and every other sellable piece of junk imaginable to become the world’s most powerful superhero agency!


Game soon available on: PC



ul. Ceglana 4
40-514 Katowice

+48 32 219 10 85

NOTE: We do not provide support over the phone!

NIP: 9542735866

VAT EU: PL 9542735866

REGON: 242840860

CC: 0000410818

District Court Katowice-Wschód

in Katowice,  VIII KRS Department

Share capital: 478 000.00 PLN

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