Our proprietary strategy game creation tool.


STRATEGY FORGE™ is our advanced proprietary tool that significantly shortens the time of creating strategy games. It allows the project to be independent from the engine and to create game content without the participation of programmers.

The tool consists of the following modules:

Terrain module;
Province mesh module;
Province data Module;
Province group module (country);
Module of game parameters;
The effects module and the mechanism of effects on parameters;
Conditions module and the mechanism of parameters impact on the results;
Units module;
Events module using conditions and effects to influence parameters;
Task module using conditions and effects to influence parameters;
Action module using conditions and effects to influence parameters;
Negotiation module;
Projects module;
A buildings module that uses conditions and effects to influence parameters.

The tool allows you to create turn-based and real-time games – both for computers and mobile devices. The STRATEGY FORGE™ engine is integrated with the innovative system of artificial intelligence in grand strategy games – Grand Strategy Artificial Intelligence Mechanism™ developed by Jujubee. A number of projects have already been created using the tool, e.g. turn-based strategy game Punk Wars or real-time games COVID: The Outbreak and Realpolitiks II. Currently, the tool is used to develop such projects as Dark Moon and Realpolitiks 3: Earth & Beyond.

In the future, it is planned to make the STRATEGY FORGE™ engine available to other entities on a license basis. If you want to be informed about the start of engine licensing and its terms, feel free to contact us.



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