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Jujubee at the Digital Dragons 2016 conference in Cracow!

Last month Jujubee was one of the sponsors of the Digital Dragons conference which once again took place in Cracow - the beautiful former capital of Poland. The venue was located in the old town, not too far away from the mesmerizing surroundings of the Rynek Glowny, which is the largest medieval market square in Europe. Just as last year, the event has gathered a large amount of Polish and foreign developers, media representatives and publishers.

Our Digital Dragons showcase booth, as well as other devs showcase stands, were great spots to promote and talk about upcoming productions. Our team, consisting of 4 company members, had the chance to meet some old friends from the Polish gamedev, talk to them and exchange knowledge and various stories connected to our industry.

The biggest names in the Polish gaming industry - including representatives of CD Project RED, 11 Bit Studios, Techland, and many others, provided very good and informative speeches. Foreign gamedev legends such as John Romero were also present and John took this opportunity to give a speech about his beginnings at ID Software and their work over Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake series. It was really exciting to see him here in Poland and hear a true story about a company that has changed the industry forever.


The press and publishers were one of the most important goals of our participation at Digital Dragons. Our booth and products brought interest of known companies and we were pleased to confirm that there is a lot of marketing and gaming potential in our productions. We exchanged many contacts, heard a lot of feedback about our titles, and had several very lucrative meetings. The whole conference left us with a feeling of a job well done.

Digital Dragons ended up with a huge party for all developers who attended it. In the accompaniment of great music and drinks we could meet our friends friends from the industry and the atmosphere during the party was as friendly as it was during the whole conference. And with Digital Dragons over, we could go back home with a handful of fresh contacts, ideas, and optimism.

The amount of contacts we got during Digital Dragons and DevGAMM in Moscow (where we have been one week earlier), the very good reception of our games, and all the knowledge we have gained during both events are the best reasons why game developers from the whole world should attend such conferences. You can not only acquire useful knowledge thanks to lectures, but you can also meet fantastic people. No matter the country, game developers have similar attitude towards games production. We have one, common purpose - to bring fun to people while having fun creating our games!