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Jujubee at the DevGAMM conference in Moscow!

Between 12th and 17th May our team visited two important game development conferences: DevGAMM in Moscow and Digital Dragons in Cracow. Jujubee was one of the showcase attendees during both events and a sponsor of Digital Dragons. These conferences were a great opportunity to promote our three upcoming games: KURSK, Realpolitiks and Take Off - The Flight Simulator. We’ll get back to Digital Dragons in a few days, because the first and the biggest challenge was the conference in Moscow. DevGAMM came out as a very well organized event. Our PR & Marketing Manager, Przemysław who went there, cooperated with a very nice team of professionals who gave him a lot of support and guidance.



Once the conference started, the visitors were showing up at Jujubee’s booth instantly. We felt that the interest in our games is really big and many people who had the chance to see our upcoming titles were also asking Przemysław to tell more about the company and its plans. We also received a lot of feedback and informative suggestions about our productions.


KURSK is our most important project in the pipeline and because it tells the story of a Russian vessel we were wondering how the crowd will react to this game. From the very beginning our goal was to tell this story with all the respect and we were pleased to discover that the reception at DevGAMM was very positive. This proves that Russian gamers and devs are not focusing on political issues, but are open to new and unusual projects. Of course we also had the chance to check many other projects being promoted at the conference and one could clearly see that Russian developers are very talented and full of extraordinary ideas.

Many game developers took part in the DevGAMM conference, but you could also easily meet press representatives, publishers and people from such companies as Microsoft (Xbox), G5 Entertainment, Unity, Intel, Epic Games and couple more. All in all it was a great opportunity to meet big names in person and begin a possible cooperation.


What our representative really enjoyed about DevGAMM was the Game Lynch event - something very original and entertaining. It is a kind of challenge where one of the developers game was bashed by the experts in a funny way, and if the developer was unable to defend his work with his own words, he had to choose a trial by combat or drink a mixture of awful liquids (including alcohol). Really fun and worth seeing!


There was a bit of time for sightseeing and finding out how beautiful the city is. Przemysław took the famous Moscow metro to reach the street of Arbat, where souvenir producers and local artists show their work. It is a great place for a peaceful walk with friends or family. He also walked around Kremlin and entered the Red Square where he could admire the beautiful architecture, the legendary Mausoleum of Lenin and the Basil’s Cathedral.

Unfortunately we had to leave beautiful Moscow right after this short trip. Przemysław flew back to Poland to attend the Polish developers conference - Digital Dragons with the rest of the Jujubee team.