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Jujubee updates FLASHOUT 2 for iOS to version 1.3 and reduces the price of the game!

(Katowice, Poland | April 28, 2014) Press release: Jujubee updates FLASHOUT 2 for iOS to version 1.3 and reduces the price of the game!

FLASHOUT 2, the sequel to the highly-acclaimed anti-gravity racer FLASHOUT 3D, is now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Jujubee, the studio behind this amazing title, announced today that FLASHOUT 2 for iOS has been updated to match the Android version of the game. Additionally the iOS version is now being offered at the reduced price of only $0.99 (€0.79)!

Changelog (1.3):

- Ammo shop removed – now you don’t need to buy ammo and bonuses before each race, but you collect them on the circuit!

- Cup prizes revised – much more cash to buy new ships and upgrades!

- Improved gameplay balance – more engaging and more fun!

- Changes in Online Multiplayer Mode – ammo shop removed, new features added!

- Minor changes and bugfixes!

Useful links:

FLASHOUT 2 offers a fresh and addicting racing experience featuring a redesigned and enhanced Career Mode with story elements, massive improvements in matter of steering, physics, opponent’s AI, and other gameplay elements, an Online Multiplayer Mode and introduces completely new and exciting game modes, such as Destruction, Elimination and Versus!

FLASHOUT 2 also features high-end console-quality graphics, some of the best and most accessible controls to allow you to focus on pure action, amazing licensed electronic music and game controllers support! Additionally the game offers a unique interactive equalizer, that analyzes in-game music and accordingly determines, in real-time, what the visual effects look like!

Supported languages at launch: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, Chinese.

If you didn’t have the chance to play the first game (FLASHOUT 3D), you can still give it a try:

App Store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/app/flashout-3d/id563209339
Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.jujubee.flashout3dpaid

About Jujubee:

Jujubee is a game development studio behind such titles as FLASHOUT 3D and Suspect in Sight. It was founded by former members of CD Projekt RED, Traveller’s Tales and Infinite Dreams and its goal is to create great looking and addictively fun games for various platforms – especially iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

For more information on Jujubee and its products please visit the studio’s official website: http://jujubee.pl. Also make sure to follow the company’s page on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.