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Jujubee Cup – that’s how we like to party!

This Thursday the whole Jujubee team participated in a party held at a karting circuit near Katowice. This is the fastest track in Southern Poland, as each kart has a modified 13 HP engine. It doesn’t sound like much, but in reality these karts are really powerful thanks to their low weight that gives them an average of nearly 150 horsepower per ton. So in fact, the performance of these vehicles is far more than satisfactory.

The event started with a few test runs, then qualifying took place and after that we all participated in a high-octane race. Damian, Michal and Krzysztof made the podium and the trio got awarded with commemorative medals, then the main part of the event started and after a few hours the party moved to the city to the pub Cybermachina. This pub is quite unique, because it is a place designed strictly for gamers. There you can drink your favorite beer and play awesome party games (such as Mortal Kombat, Guitar Hero, FIFA or Soul Calibur).

Below are a few pictures documenting this event: