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Take Off - The Flight Simulator

Take Off - The Flight Simulator is offering much more than just flying planes. Play exciting missions such like rescue missions or emergency landings. Unlock new planes and missions by achieving advanced pilot licences!


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Jujubee at the Poznań Game Arena 2017 conference!

Take Off: The Flight Simulator – Advanced Gameplay

Jujubee at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne!

Take Off - The Flight Simulator: Dev Diary #1


Take Off - The Flight Simulator the ultimate plane simulator known from mobile devices is now available for personal computers in the Steam and Mac App Store!

Jujubee announces the launch date for "Take Off - The Flight Simulator". The game will arrive at App Store and Google Play on June 9, 2016!

"Take Off - The Flight Simulator", the ultimate mobile simulator game by Jujubee, gets a Developers Diary published!