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Interview: FLASHOUT 2 - everything you wanted to know!

At GamesCom and in your messages you asked us many questions on FLASHOUT 2. Michal Stepien, our CEO and one of the designers of the game, took the time to answer some of them to shed some light on this upcoming supersonic title!


What are the main differences between FLASHOUT 3D and FLASHOUT 2?

From the very beginning we knew that we wanted to make a much more complete game. We were pleased with FLASHOUT 3D, but we didn’t have the time and comfort to put all our ideas into action. Let’s not forget that we started the company in 2012, so our resources were quite limited back then, the team was smaller, we didn’t have the technology we have today, etc. In the case of FLASHOUT 2 the situation is much different and we are working hard on a completely redesigned title, which will offer a fresh and notably improved experience.

How this experience will be improved?

FLASHOUT 2 will be a completely new game, in every single aspect. You will not only get a whole new content and a longer, redesigned Career Mode with story elements, but also massive improvements in matter of steering, physics, opponent’s AI, graphics, and so on. What’s more the game will feature an online multiplayer mode from day one.




FLASHOUT 3D did not include a multiplayer mode. Why?

We didn’t have the proper technology and to be frank we faced a lot of problems when we started working on a multiplayer mode for FLASHOUT 3D. We also found out that we would need to totally redesign the gameplay and rewrite the code. But since then we learned a lot and we are designing FLASHOUT 2 with multiplayer in mind.



How is the development of the game going, will you be able to release the game on schedule?

We hope to release the game in Q4 2013, but it is not our main goal. Our main goal is to release the best possible futuristic racing game, we don’t want any compromises in matter of quality and we want to take full profit of the capabilities of new mobile devices, such as the iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4. Quality first!

What about controller support for iOS and Android?

One of our main goals is to support dedicated controllers from the very beginning. Let’s not forget though that in the case of iOS devices it is a recent thing, but we are pretty confident that FLASHOUT 2 will offer certified controllers support from its launch.



And last but not least – will FLASHOUT 2 be a Premium, or Free-to-Play title?

Definitely Premium. Our company is not interested in the Free-to-Play model, at least not right now. We are targeting mid-core and hardcore gamers and we think that the Premium model is more appealing to them. Of course the game will include In-App Purchases, but just as in the case of FLASHOUT 3D these will not affect the balance or the overall experience and if you buy the game you will be able to complete it without spending an additional dime.