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Jujubee visits South Korea

This month, our studio was one of the exhibitors at the fair ACE Fair in South Korea. For us it was a great opportunity to promote our upcoming games - KURSK and Realpolitiks, although we still have one ace in the hole (more info on this little gem in November). 

Jujubee is member of the Digital Entertainment Cluster (established by the Krakow Technology Park), built up of Polish companies prominent in the creative industry, and this is how we got invited to exhibit at the fair. It was absolutely great to have the chance to show our games on this very promising market, especially that South Korea has a genuine passion for playing video games.


The organizers of ACE Fair have made every effort to make all the guests feel at Korea at home. One must remember that South Korea is located quite far from Poland, so Arek who represented the company at the event, embarked on an exhausting journey. First he flew from Krakow to Frankfurt, then he took an Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in operation in the world, heading to Seoul. The flight lasted 10 hours, but it was not the end of the journey, as the fair took place in the city of Gwangju - a few hours further down the road. Fortunately the hotel where Arek was accommodated, was located close to the Kimdaejung Convention Center, where ACE Fair took place.



Without a doubt ACE Fair was a great event because you could easily carry many business meetings and chats with potential publishers and companies interested in cooperation - in particular representing such countries as India, China, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates, although, obviously, South Korea was strongly represented. Visitors were interested in KURSK and Realpolitiks, but also our FLASHOUT series was a hot topic - such games are very well suited for the Korean market.

The organizers arranged many attractions as well as less formal meetings - perfect environment for networking. It was also possible to become more familiar with Korean culture and traditions. A bus tour through the city was exceptionally interesting and it ended with a visit to the local flea market where one could purchase local specialties that are hard to find in Europe. Another highlight was a trip to Jeonju Hanok Village - an ancient city, which history dates back to 1000 years ago.

Without a doubt, South Korea, is an extremely inspiring, beautiful and intriguing country that is worth a visit. And let's not forget, that Korean people just love video games!